Frequently Asked Questions

You pay $36.50 up front to cover a whole year. *

*(Other options are available if $36.50 is too much at once.)

All of it! We give every dime we receive from our Dimers to the organizations.

Yes! Can be a great gift for the holidays and also a great way to expose people to philanthropy.

Everyone! From 7 to 107 years old, anyone will enjoy being a Dimer. It's a great way to teach kids & teens about being charitable. Give it to build a bond and morale amongst co-workers. Give it in someone's name for the holidays.

Every Dimer gives 10 cents a day(no more & no less). However, OUAD is looking for people who want to support our organization to cover some of the expenses. This is called the Invisible Wand and can be found on the "donate" page.

100% of the costs are covered by sponsors, private donations, and corporate partners.

We support essential causes like education, housing insecurity, special needs, job training, at-risk families, and child neglect prevention.

  • We want to support smaller charities that don't get the notoriety that the big ones do.
  • All our organizations must have a proven record of delivering life-changing results.
  • They must be a US tax exempt organization.
  • Ideally, small enough so our donations can have a material impact yet large enough to scale their programs.
  • They have inspiring leadership and an independent board committed to delivering, and showing, real results.
  • We do not support organizations whose primary mission is proselytizing or public policy advocacy.

We will also take suggestions from our Dimers and will vet each suggestion thoroughly.

100% of your contribution goes directly to each organization.

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Yes. All donations to OUAD are tax-deductible. We are a 501c3 registered nonprofit organization.