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People Assisting the Homeless

Ending homelessness for individuals, families, and communities.
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Together, we can move mountains. Fix problems that seem unfixable. Provide for those who cannot. Basically, do a lot of good.

Prioritized by kindness, Once Upon A Dime is a diverse community focused on next-level change. Empowered by micro-donations, we’re philanthropy for the masses. Enact change like billionaires but forget attending stuffy galas. We’re not about big names on buildings or obvious virtue signaling. Please say hello to real human power.

Nice sticker…
Don’t be surprised if another Dimer notices that cool sticker on the back of your phone. An IRL social network connecting people and important causes?! Meaningful nods replace mindless small talk, right? Your kids off their phones talking to one another? And that bumper sticker?... Might just turn merging into the new rage. Kindness wins. Oh, you’re welcome. 

Let’s get started.

You may ask, “What can I do?”
A better question, “What can we do?”

Great hearts think alike.

The answer, “a whole @&#$ of a lot."
Cents of community

daily acts of Kindness

Los Feliz, CA

A nice woman let me go ahead in line at the grocery store when I only had a few items.

Encino, CA

I offered to cover my coworkers shift so that she could attend her child's school play.

Los Angeles, CA

A young man offered me their seat on the bus when they saw that I was struggling to stand.

Justin-12 years old
Venice, CA

My classmate shared their lunch with me when I had forgot mine.

Culver City, CA

A stranger helped me carry my heavy boxes up the stairs to my new apartment