Once Upon A Dime
Our Mission

Though plenty of traditional philanthropic methods exist, they often fall outside of what’s realistic, accessible, and meaningful to the masses. Once Upon A Dime means to correct that by acting as a dynamic aggregator of donors. Or Dimers. We’ve assembled a radically efficient framework to gather a massive wave of individuals donating merely a dime a day. Together, this group is already making powerful change in a careful curation of meaningful

Our Story

Where it all began...

It began with conversation. Scott, a busy dad looking to do
good, wondered out loud, “Is there a way we can help people and make a big impact? But, like on schedule, ‘cause we’re super-busy. You know?” Ali, his wife answered helpfully, “Let’s figure it out.” At that moment, Once Upon a Dime was born.

Scott and Ali, amid raising two kids and working multiple
jobs had the opposite of time. But like the rest of us, both care about helping folks. Scott began at age 12 as a camp counselor, later evolved into an educator, a baseball coach and eventually ran an innovative group of child development centers across Southern California. Helping is in his DNA. But, even with a long career devoted to helping, he knew one person can only accomplish so much. Undaunted, Scott took inspiration from the ripples that spread out from a pebble dropped into water. He knew the actions of an individual can have far-reaching effects. But imagine a million pebbles, or even a billion. The community of Once Upon A Dime is standing up together and saying, “let’s do this.”

My two(ten)cents

It is time to break down barriers and make philanthropy accessible to everyone.  No big checks, fancy galas, or names on buildings.  Everyone from everywhere caring about the same things. Which, by the way, we already do.  Family, health, love, happiness, community. Why do we let these things separate us when they should be bringing us together?  Damar Hamlin’s injury brought 65,000 strangers in a stadium together; 9/11 brought our country together. Rooting for the same team, binging the same shows, liking the same food; We have so much more in common than we do differences.   Imagine a daily reminder of that…A feel good way to start your day.  Social Action meets in real life Social Network…  Actually being connected to people not a screen.  We can do all of that for 10 cents a day. 

Once Upon A Dime........

--Scott Myers, radical optimist, slightly crazy :D

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