Become a Dimer
Become a Dimer
Become a Dimer
Become a Dimer

Become a Dimer

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Imagine a unifying force that reflects our shared values. That fosters a sense of community and empathy. On a daily basis.

Enter Once Upon A Dime. By donating 10¢ a day for a year ($36.50), you become a "Dimer" and support a different established family-based charity each and every week. We'll share updates on the impact of your contribution through email and posts - forming a community-driven social network of kindness or (wait for it)… a SOULcial network.  

We're leveling the playing field in philanthropy. With only 10 cents, anyone can become a Dimer and make a difference, regardless of their position or income. 

Our focus is on supporting impactful charities that don't get as much exposure as the bigger ones. Every dollar counts and 100% goes directly to charity.

Here's the fun part: every Dimer will receive a sticker for their phone case or a free decal for their car, so you can proudly show your support wherever you go. An IRL network of commonality that connects people from all walks of life. 

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Every dime goes to charity-Help OUAD with their overhead The Invisible Wand

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