10 cents/day for the year=$36.50
x100,000=$3.65 million

Copy & Paste

I am reaching out to invite you to be a part of a remarkable journey, where together, we can create a world of positive change, one dime at a time. A nonprofit called Once Upon a Dime is dedicated to making a profound impact through small, daily contributions.  It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you make…. Everyone gives 10 cents a day, breaking down the financial barrier that has made philanthropy a privilege. You get to join us on this incredible journey. Your daily commitment of what may seem like a humble amount, will demonstrate the power of unity and the strength found in our shared humanity. Through carefully selected partner organizations, Once Upon A Dime will handpick a different charity each week, ensuring that your contribution reaches those who need it most.
You will get updates by email, text or social media posts where you can see the impact you have made in real time. You will also get a sticker
for the back of your phone and your car—fly them proudly because you are part of an IRL social network of Dimers.
Visit Once Upon A Dime, and together, let us empower change, break down barriers, and show the world that we are stronger united with just one dime a day!
As FDR said, it is time for daring greatly.