Team Impact

Helping Kids And Teams Change Each Other's Lives

Through the power of team, kids and student athletes accept, motivate, and inspire one another.

Team Impact Story

Anyone who has been involved in a team sport can speak from experience on the power of team. Together, teammates learn incredible life lessons about hard work, accountability, teamwork, perseverance, leadership, adversity, and grit.

In 2011, eight former college classmates and student-athletes came together in Boston to celebrate something at the core of their friendship: the power of team. On Mother’s Day of 2011, this group of friends launched Team IMPACT — now a national nonprofit that connects children with serious illnesses or disabilities with college athletic teams — by matching Ben, a nine-year-old battling cancer, with the St. Anselm’s College men’s hockey team.

Team Impact Mission

Team IMPACT’s unique multiyear program matches children facing serious illness and disability with college athletic teams across the country. Our mission is to guide children and teams alike in a mutually beneficial relationship of belonging, empowerment, and resilience.

Team Impact Vision

Through this program, our vision is to create a world where every child facing serious illness and disability feels supported by something bigger and every team is transformed by a greater purpose. When we’re all in together, we all win together.