Vision To Learn

Help children receive the glasses they need to succeed in school and life with Vision To Learn


80% of learning during a child’s first twelve years is visual. Students with uncorrected vision avoid reading, can’t focus in class, and are less likely to read at grade level proficiency by 3rd grade. They are more likely to be misdiagnosed with behavioral issues, be labeled “slow” learners, fail at least one grade, and drop out of high school. Up to 70% of juvenile offenders have uncorrected vision issues.

Healthcare inequities and lack of access to vision care are most pronounced in low-income communities. About one in four children in school naturally need glasses to see the board or pages of a textbook clearly, but in underserved communities, 95% of kids who need glasses do not have them.


Over the last decade, Vision To Learn has partnered with classroom educators and school nurses to address the “glasses gap” for more than 1.5 million children across the country. The program uses mobile vision clinics, staffed with trained and licensed eye care professionals, to deliver critical vision services directly to students at schools and community organizations–all free of charge to the child and their family.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute and UCLA have independently validated the model’s ability to boost children’s academic performance and emotional well-being. According to the largest and most rigorous U.S. study on providing eyeglasses to students at their schools, children who received glasses from Vision to Learn gained the equivalent of 2-6 months of additional learning time, with students in the bottom quartile of their class showing the biggest gains. The impact was greater than much more costly measures such as lengthening the school day, providing computers or creating charter schools.


From September 1 to December 31, 2023, every $2 raised by Vision To Learn will be matched with $1 raised by Focusing Philanthropy until the campaign goal of $1,800,000 is reached.

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